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San Diego Zoo

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San Diego Zoo

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A-Z Animals

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Images of Space
Travel to Mars
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Solar System Explorer
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ESA Kids Space Info
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ABC Order

ABC Train

Whack a Mole
Fix the Alphabet The alphabet gets mixed up! Can you help put the letters back in the right order?

Order in the Library Practice putting these virtual books back on the shelf in the correct order!

Roy the Zebra - Alpha Order Game


Reflex Math
Jet Math Use your math skills to fly the spaceship!
Math Flashcards Practice your math skills with these interactive flashcards!
Count Your Chickens Help Curious George to count his chickens!
Balloon Pop Subtraction Pop the balloons in order to answer the questions correctly.
Christmas Lights Answer math questions correctly in order to earn lights to decorate your house with!
Coin Memory Game
Name the coin
Value of the coin
Coins for candy
Math game Number eater

Spelling and Phonics

Puzzle Me Words

Letter Bug Suck up the correct bugs to spell words!

Letter Bug 2
Word Endings Fun with rhymes and other word endings
SLIME KIDS A School Library Media website which features vocabulary-building games and activities!
Word Sounds Match the sounds with the letters which make them!
Seussville Come and visit the World of Dr. Seuss!


Tina's World Practice following directions! Follow Tina's directions to find the hidden bugs!
Take a Trip Practice your hand-eye co-ordination and mouse skills with this trip around town!
Alpha Munchies Stop the Munchies from eating your lunch by typing the correct letters on your keyboard.
Teach Kids Patterns
1st grade
1st grade
1st grade
Dental BookCrawford Teeth video

Animal Websites

National Geographic Use this website to find out more about rabbits!
National Geographic Kids More fun fact-filled pages about animals!
Kids Planet Electronic Fact Sheets on many different species of animals (no rabbits on this one, though!)
Exploring Nature This website features facts about many different species of animals! (You'll find rabbits here!)
Emperor Penguins Learn about Emperor PenguinsPenguins FactsMore penguin facts


Pebble Go Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bear World Book
Polar bear


Pebble go Camels
Camel World Book