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1. BrainPop Junior

2. Poetry Creator

Haiku - Poem Creator

3. Trueflix

4. Wonders

Social Studies Continents and Mapping

1. Continents and Geography

2. World Book Interactive Map

3. Landform Maps

African American Inventors

Japan Google Slide Project -----Time for kids Sightseeing

Go to Google Drive and then click on New--Google Slides

World Book Comparing Places

Mrs. Capuano's Model Slideshow

Slide 1: Introduction- Put your country name, who you are, and a picture of your country.
Slide 2: Landforms: Include a picture of 1 landform in Japan and label the picture.

Slide 3: Landmarks: Include a picture of 1 landmark in Japan and label the picture.
Slide 4: History of Japan: Write about 2 important dates in Japanese history, and explain why they are important.
Slide 5: Holidays and Traditions in Japan: Choose one holiday or tradition, write it on your slide, and include two pictures about that holiday.
Slide 6: Sports in Japan: Include a picture of 1 sport in Japan and label the picture.
Slide 7: Food in Japan: Include 2 pictures of 2 foods in Japan and label the pictures.

Slide 8: Government in Japan: Include a picture of the Emperor and the Prime Minister.

Slide 9: Economy: Pick two exports from Japan and put up a labelled picture of each export.

Japanese Language


World Book
Food by Country
Nations Online
Nat Geo Kids
Fact Monster
Gale Kids
Kids World Travel Guide
Italy Landmarks
Italy Language
National Anthems

Country Map


World Book Kids
World Book Student

7. GW Google Classroom

8. Digital Passport

Social Studies


Inventions and Communication


Continents and Oceans

State Research

Letters To Your State

Raz-Kids Link Here (Teachers must have own accounts for students to access)

Mystery cube

Book Trailer Links

Book Trailers for Readers
Random House
Harper Kids




City of Ember

April 8-12 -- Pre-Reading Wonder Wall (Careers)
April 22-26 chapter 1,2 Wonder Wall (Electricity)
April 29-May 3 - chapter 3,4,5 -- (Messengers) (Growing Food) (Pony Express)

May 6-10 chapter 6,7,8 --
May 13-17 chapter 9, 10, 11
May 20-24 chapter 12, 13, 14
May 28-31 chapter 15, 16, 17
June 3-7 chapter 18, 19, 20

ABC Order Links

Animal Websites
National Geographic Kids More fun fact-filled pages about animals!
Kids Planet Electronic Fact Sheets on many different species of animals
Exploring Nature This website features facts about many different species of animals
Species profiles This website has rainforest animal facts.
Rainforest Information
Emperor Penguins Learn about Emperor PenguinsPenguins FactsMore penguin facts

Underground Railroad

National Geographic Interactive
Scholastic -- Life on the Plantation

Bee Resources
Games about Bees

Story Jumper

‍World Geography Research Links:

Test Your World Geography Skills Game
Geneaology for Kids
Ellis Island
Family History
Irish Culture and Customs
My Italian Family
Preserving Your Family History
China - AtoZ Kids' Stuff
China - National Geographic Kids
Puerto Rico - AtoZ Kids' Stuff
Greece - Yahoo Kids
Germany - National Geographic Kids
Great Britain - National Geographic Kids
Denmark - Kids Konnect
Kids' Guide to Jamaica


Reflex Math

math is fun!
Enchanted Mind
Division practice
apples 4 the teacher
APlus math
math cats
IXL math
math playground
Multiplication bridge game
Division game
Math Maven
Next Lesson
bee hive
Plant growth game

Simple Machines:

Simple machine game
Simple machine Harcourt
Museum Science
Simple Machine GAME


Simple Machines Webquest
Ed Heads See if you can find the Simple Machines hidden within the pictures!
Inventor's Toolbox Learn more about Simple Machines
Fiction Video
Energy Quest Explore this website and learn all about Energy!
Interactive Electricity Understand how electricity works! Create your own atom
The Blobz A guide to how electric circuits are made
Fun for the Brain Fun activities for Math, Science, English and more!
Bill NYEMSA Rock

Rock Cycle Interactive



Multiplication Games Play a variety of games to sharpen up your multiplication skills!
Decimals Use your knowledge of decimals to help Builder Ted to fix the leak!
Stun Attack Use multiplication to whack the frogs!
Matching Multiplication Choose the equations with matching answers
Fruit Shoot Multiplication games
Balloon Pop Pop the balloons in order from smallest to largest product
Multiples Frenzy Sharpen your multiplication skills
Mah Jong - Play this classic tile game, with a number twist!

Spelling and Vocabulary

Opposites Click to match up words with their opposites!
Prefixes and Suffixes It's up to you to choose the correct base, prefix and suffix!
Vocabulary Lots and lots of vocabulary games to choose from!
Look, Cover, Write and Check Learn new words, and then test your memory!
SLIME KIDS A School LIbrary MEdia website which features vocabulary-building games and activities!
Alphabetizing Through the 3rd Letter

Dr. Seuss

SEUSSVILLE Come and visit the World of Dr. Seuss!
PBS Cat in the Hat Learn about different subjects along with your favorite Dr. Seuss characters!