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TrueFlix Iroquois Book

Iroquois Research:

Roles of Men
Roles of Women
The Formation of the Iroquois League
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Dance Mat Typing
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Reflex Math

Builder Ted's Decimal Game Learn about decimals along with Ted while he builds a house!
Matching Multiplication Match the multiplication equation to its answer as fast as you can!

Stun Attack Click on the frog that has the right answer, before they get away!
Math Mah Jong Match up the correct tiles to win!
Fun for the Brain Fun links for Math, English, Science and more


Energy Quest Learn about where our energy comes from and how we can use it more efficiently!
Ology learn more about climate change and how we can prevent it!

Spelling and Vocabulary

Word Scramble Try to guess what the scrambled-up letters spell!
Letter Blocks Click on the blocks to spell new words and increase your score!
SLIME KIDS A School LIbrary MEdia website which features vocabulary-building games and activities
Seussville Come and visit the World of Dr. Seuss!


How Big Really See how environmental disasters, ancient cities, space formations and more would have affected the area where you live!

Library Skills

Order in the Library Practice putting these virtual books back on the shelf in the correct order!

‍Dr. Seuss

Biography- A biography of Dr. Seuss from Scholastic
Cat in the More facts about Dr. Seuss' life
Seussville Read the official biography of Dr. Seuss
Geisel Award Learn more about the award which is named after Dr. Seuss!
Good Reads A list of some quotes from Dr. Seuss' books
Quotes More quotes from Dr. Seuss
World Book Use the online encyclopedia to find out more about Dr. Seuss!


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Quotations Page
JFK's Desk A neat interactive tool which lets users sit at JFK's desk and experience his life!
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Social Studies

Revolutionary War:
Revolutionary Battles

Industrial Revolution:
Economic Growth
Transportation and Industrial Revolution Overview and Video
Coffee during the Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution Overview
Women During the Industrial Revolution
Workhorses of the Industrial Revolution
The Rise of American Industries

Improvements in Transportation
Growth of Manufacturing
Roads, Canals, Railroads
Turnpikes (Roads)
Travel and Transportation
Building the Erie Canal

Fulton's Folly
Biography of Fulton

The Great Deforestation Debate!

Why Cut Down Trees?

Reasons for Deforestation
Positive and Negative Effects of Deforestation
Facts About Deforestation

WOOD you believe we get so much from trees?

Things we make from trees

Save the Rainforest
Facts About the Rainforest