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Book Trade Card Generator

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Free Rice


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GW Research

World Book Online

We're Moving...Where?

Mountain Region
North America: Denver, Colorado (Rocky Mountains)
South America: Santiago, Chile (Andes Mountains)
North America: Carson City, Nevada (Sierra Nevada)

Prairie Region
North America: Omaha, Nebraska (Great Plains)
South America: Buenos Aires, Brazil (Pampas)
North America: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Prairie)
Rain Forest Region
Mesoamerica: San Jose, Costa Rica
South America: Brasilia, Brazil (Amazon)

Desert Region
North America: Chihuahua, Mexico (Chihuahuan Desert)
North America: Phoenix, Arizona
North America: Vancouver, British Columbia (Okanagan Desert)

Tundra Region
North America: Nome, Alaska
Canada: Yukon, North America (Nunavut tundra and Boreal Forest)


Free images

World Atlas

Noodle Tools

Mrs DeCarlo's Google Site

President Research

For Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt, click here:

USA Kids

US Presidents

White House for Kids

The White House website

Artist Research
Artist Biographies
More Artist Biographies
Even More Artist Biographies

Typing Games

Dance Mat Typing
Typing Factory
Typing Course - Start at Level 1
Type Type Revolution
Typing Challenge

Acrostic Poetry Maker

Poetry Creator

Fractured Fairy Tale Creator

Library Links

Website Evaluation

Ocean Table:

Sky Table:

African Plains Table:

Yard Table:

Arctic Table:

Farm Table:

Order in the Library Put your knowledge of the organization of library books to the test!

Do the Dewey

1st Americans

Online Image Website

Interactive Climate Map

Nez Perce



American Revolution

Mr. Nussbaum

Social Studies for Kids

Kid Port


Middle School and High School Readers

Create your own Playlist on LessonPaths!

Poetry - Theme Poems


The Tell Tale Heart

The Monkey’s Paw

The Lottery
Audio version of first part of story

The Most Dangerous Game

The Cask of Amontillado

Oregon Trial

Oregon Trail Video
Oregon Trail
Gold Rush
Virtual Tour on a Map of the Oregon Trial
Brainpop Gold Rush

History of America and Westward Expansion

Trail of Tears

You Tube Documentary Video
Trail of Tears Story
Brainpop Trail of Tears

Elements of a Story

Five Elements Defined


Reflex Math


Padlit Inventions
What do you need to live with?



TrueFlix -- nonfiction e-books

Kids Weather

World Book EncyclopediaWorld Book Kids

Hurricane Katrina Find out facts and figures about Hurricane Katrina and it's effects

Sky Diary

Hurricane Andrew Learn more about Hurricane Andrew

Weather for Kids

Tsunami Learn about the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami

Exploring Nature

Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears Learn more about the Arctic Climate

STOP DISASTERS A natural disaster simulator which depends upon your knowledge to prevent a disaster from occurring!

Before and After- Views of the Australia flooding before and after the event.

Earthquakes Find out information about earthquakes

Beyond WeatherThe water cycle and beyond.


Weather Wiz Kids

Link to Many Great Sites on Weather

Sky Diary


Environmental Disasters

Enchanted Learning Hurricanes

Enchanted Learning Tornado


Web Site Evaluations
Easy Bib



Checks and Balances

(Regions Resources)Regions website- Information about each region
Postcards from America Learn about different states by looking at postcards from that area
Stately Knowledge Learn fun facts about each state in your region
Landforms A map of the US depicting major landforms
Interactive Landforms Click each landform to see where they occur in the nation
Mr. Nussbaum Learn about your region!
US Embassy A website with information about the different regions in the USA.


The Body Drag and drop parts of the human body to learn about what they do!
BAM Learn about keeping your Body And Mind healthy!
Human Anatomy Online


Scorecard- Find out how our area "scores" in pollution
StoryofStuff Find out where your "stuff" comes from, and where it goes when you are done with it!
Kids at Work Find out how kids are working to help the planet!
BP Oil Spill Questions and Answers about the BP Oil Spill
EPA The Environmental Protection Agency's Website for Students
News For Kids News coverage of the oil spill for kids, by kids
Shout! Interact with experts, and learn how to take an active role in caring for the Earth
Eeko World Explore the past, present and future of our environment and the impact that pollution can have
How Big Really? See how big environmental disasters would have been if they had happened where you live!
Environmental Health- A portal for students with information about protecting the environment and their own health at the same time!
The Lorax Project Inspired by the book by Dr. Seuss, this project aims at limiting pollution and conserving resources.

Cool Tools

Google Sites Create your own websites using free Google templates
Amap Short for "argument map" out the details of why you are right and everyone else is wrong!
FlipBook Create your own online book


Layers of the Atmosphere
Atmosphere Overview
Stop Disasters Game
Nat Geo
Latin Quiz
Ben Franklin Citizen Ben
5th gr. SS TEST PREP
School House Constitution
Congress for kids

Map Skills:
US States Games
Growth of a nation
US Geo Quiz
Maps puzzles
American Revolution
Latitude & Longitude Game
US States Facts

Human Body:
The Body Drag and drop parts of the human body to learn about what they do!
BAM Learn about keeping your Body And Mind healthy!
Human Anatomy Online
Surfing the Human Body --
How the Body Works
National Geographic Human Body
National Geographic Digestive System
Kid's Health (Search then How the Body Works to get to the link)
The Virtual Body
Your Gross and Cool Body
How the Body Works
Kid's Biology
Kids Design Dinner/ ZisBoomBah
Neo k-12 (Videos, Interactive Games, Label the Diagram, Videos)
STCMS - Links to digestive system pages
Amazing Food Detective
My Plate
Food Labels


Free Rice
Hello World
National Writing Program

Web Site Authority Lesson

Popplet Project:


Brazil Timeline
Ducksters Country Brazil
Kid's Corner Brazil
Academic Kids: Brazil
Nation's Encyclopedia: Brazil
Country Watch: Brazil
username and password slsayouth

Haiti Haiti
Academic Kids: Haiti
Cultural Orientation: Haiti
Natioanl Geographic Kids: Haiti
Britannica: Haiti
How Stuff Works: Haiti
Country Watch: Haiti
username and password slsayouth


PBS: Mexico Timeline
Academic Kids: Mexico History
A to Z Kids Stuff: Mexico
National Geographic Kids: Mexico


PBS: American Revolution
America's Liberty
Kid's Past: American Revolution:
Fact Monster: American Revolution

Evaluating Websites....Trash Or Treasure?

Moonbeam Enterprises
Velcro Crop
Brain Wave Deflector
Belgium Doesn't Exist
Save the Tree Octopus

Typing LInks

dance mat typing
typing club


Museums/Art - Masterpiece - 5th Grade RTI
Metropolitan Museum of Art (Watch "Who's in Charge Here")
Children's Museum of Art
Smithsonian American Art Museum