Basic Computer Skills

Mouse Movement: Bees and Honey
Stories Website
San Diego Zoo
World Book Kids


Fiction vs Nonfiction song

1. Recycling

More Recycling
Community Helpers
On the Job
The neighborhood
Police Officers

2. Order in the Library

3. Wonders

4. Starfall

Weather: one, three, five


Bee Resources

E-Book on BEEs

World Book Kids

Busy Bees

Bee Habitat
Bees are amazing
All about Bees Video

Bee Facts

National Geographic Bees
Bee Documentary

Bird Research Links:
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Iowa Eagle Cam
Hatching Party


Frog Calls
Nat'l Geo Tadpole Video
World Book Tadpole
BBC Nature-Frogs
Frog Hop Game

Butterfly Chase
Sesame Street Games

DinosaursPBS Kids Play some games in order to learn about dinosaurs!
Dr. Seuss!!

Nursery Rhymes

Mother Goose Club- Sing along with your favorite songs!
Mother Goose games

ABC Links

Inkless TalesLearn to write your letters, without any mess!
Magic Writing Slate Practice your letters need for an eraser!
Letter-ella Learn all of the letters of the alphabet, opera-style!
Starfall Practice your letters!
Letters! More ABC practice
Audio Alphabet A virtual keyboard to practice letter sounds
Seussville Come and visit the world of Dr. Seuss!
Whack A Mole
Connect the dots

Shapes and Colors

I Love Shapes! Help Curious George to sort the colorful shapes
Bloople's Colors Let the Blooples help you learn your colors!


Count Your Chickens Help Curious George to count his chickens!

Banana 411 Use your numbers to help Curious George!
How Many? Can you count the objects?
How Many Fish? Count the fish that you see swimming!
Count to 20! Count the numbers one-by-one
Juggling George Count the fruit for Curious George to juggle!
Guessing Game Guess which box holds the star!
Number Order Fill in the missing numbers
Count Your Chickens Help Curious George to count his chickens!
Math Skills Pre-K Math Skills
Fishin' Mission Help the fisherman to catch the right number and color of fish! (Sorting game)
Fun for the Brain Fun games for Math, English, Science and more!
Pumpkin Sort
3 Bears
Carve a pumpkin
Make a pumpkin


Sight Words with Sampson Learn new words along with Sampson
Folk Tales
It's Fun to Read
Story Bears Read stories along with the bears

Computers and Fun Links

Mousing Around Move and click your mouse!
Using the Computer
I Spy See if you can find the hidden pictures!
Sticker Fun Decorate your own dollhouse using virtual stickers!
Bob the Builder Puzzle
Magic Paintbrush Create your own masterpiece!
Little People Matching
Meatball Drop
Memory Match See if you can remember where all of the pictures are!
Hatch and Match


Fire Trucks
Matching Games Match the pictures of the vehicles!
Jay Jay Interact with Jay Jay the Jet Plane!
Trains Learn all about trains!

Fast Facts
Kindergarten Activities
Halloween games

Learning Planet
Learning ABC order

Holiday Links

Find the Lucky Clover